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Everett Laboratories and Quinnova Pharmaceuticals start to operate as Exeltis brand

Chatham, New Jersey, October 31st, 2014.- Everett Laboratories, Inc., and Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, LLC announced today that they will be doing business as Exeltis in the U.S. market. This renaming consolidates their global strength in the Women’s Health and Dermatology therapeutic areas.

As a result, Everett Laboratories, Inc., has been renamed Exeltis USA, Inc., and Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, LLC, has been renamed Exeltis USA Dermatology, LLC, effective immediately. Both companies have rebranded to the Exeltis name as part of a global brand transition completed this year, after being acquired in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Raul Kohan, the Global President of Exeltis, commented, “The new company name represents the strategy and direction of the business globally. With our last acquisition of Quinnova in 2013, the company is well positioned to continue performing its accelerated growth in the United States. The name change will help provide a singular identity, enabling the company to strengthen and synchronize business locally and globally.”

Exeltis participates in healthcare globally and this rebranding is the natural step to further integrate our branded U.S. business into Exeltis. The Exeltis brand stands for innovation, excellence and improving healthcare, qualities that are important to partners and customers.

With this goal, Exeltis USA and Exeltis USA Dermatology are moving to capitalize on the growing recognition of the parent company’s brand among U.S. healthcare community.

About Exeltis ™

Exeltis was created in 2013 as a result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the CHEMO group’s branded pharmaceutical business. It combines the Group’s knowledge and experience with the innovative spirit of Exeltis, becoming a global organization with the capacity to discover, develop, produce and market medicinal products and medical devices that can help to improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Presently, Exeltis is specializing in women’s healthcare, dermatology, respiratory and various other therapeutic areas.

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